How rich or poor are we?

Last summer I took my son with me to a far-away village in Zimbabwe. We walked around poor villages and visited schools. It was hot and the country was suffering its 3rd consecutive year of drought. I showed him how tough the life can be and how poor some places in the world are. We spent 7 days discovering 5 schools and interacting with 1200 children. After the visit and returning back home, I asked my son 2 questions.
”Did you see how tough life can be?’’, ”What did you learn son?”

My son replied ”We have 1 gold fish; they have dogs, goats, cows and chickens. We have an apartment and live one on top of the other; they have farms and space to play. We have a community swimming pool down the road, they have rivers. We have lanterns at night, they have stars! We buy food, they grow theirs. We have walls to protect us, they have friends!
After thinking for a while, my son added, ”Thanks dad, for showing me all this, when can we go back?”.

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Marc Bouvron
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