Kirstenbosh Canopy Walkway

There has been a lot of press lately regarding the new Tree Canopy Walkway at Kirstenbosch Gardens (Cape Town, South Africa), so I thought I would go and see for myself.  Well, what an amazing experience it was………  It was breath taking.

The Walkway is a new curved steel timber bridge that winds its way through and over the tree tops.  The design is inspired by a snake skeleton.  The Walkway takes you from the forest floor into and through the trees and comes out above the canopy, giving you a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains and gardens.

The walkway is 130 metres long and lightly snakes its way through the canopy of trees.  It is wheelchair friendly, and there is no extra fee to walk on it.

This is a wonderful outing for the whole family, so put this on your to-do list!

Contact us for more information regarding this wonderful excursion as part of your holiday to South Africa.

Written by Laurice Baker, saSafari SA, Cape Town, 12 June 2014


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