Cultural Activities

A visit to one of our cultural villages give our guests the chance to experience every day living in a traditional African village and see the way of life live, sample some of the local cuisine and feel the energy and pride of the traditional music and dancing that is an integral part of African culture and unity.

The tours provide an insight into local folklore and ancient rituals and the telling the old stories of tribal wars, tribesmen heros, superstition and fortune telling that take part in the rich African history.

The picturesque villages are set in the shade of ancient trees in forests and in grasslands, and the local craftspeople share their wonderful talents and skills in sculpture, art, weaving, instrument making, as well as many other skills with which they do their farming, housing, water collection and make unique textiles.
Many cultures are represented in cultural village experience around the country and are places of great pride and a way of preserving a rich heritage, and an example of South Africa’s great cultural diversity.



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