A great success!

We are pleased to share our video of “When Artists Meet Zimbabwe” that was included in the LCI TV Channel’s programme “In the Heart of our Differences”.

The success of the meeting between European artists and schoolchildren in Zimbabwe is the result of a beautiful collaboration between SaSafari, Imvelo Safari Lodges in Zimbabwe and the charity Rire 78 based in France.

Since its inception, saSafari has been working to develop authentic ecotourism trips, both for individuals and corporates.

What makes an ecotourism trip is the imitation of the ecological footprint, the conservation of biodiversities and the support of the local populations. Ecotourism is also responsible tourism that takes into account the principles of sustainable development and provides a source of employment and income for local communities. By enhancing and embracing natural areas, it contributes to their conservation and wildlife.

Relating to its values, SaSafari has come closer to the owners of the IMVELO portfolio of lodges in Zimbabwe.

In some parts of Zimbabwe, villagers live close to national parks that have many wild animals. This cohabitation is not always easy, with the villagers having tobe careful how they travel and keep safe from the animals. IMVELO, in collaboration with the local communities, then built lodges around and inside the Hwange National Park with the aim of bringing together rural communities and nature to create a symbiotic relationship between the preservation of nature, responsible tourism and supporting local communities.

From this meeting with IMVELO our great project was born!

We were able to bring French artists to meet schoolchildren and villagers who live near the Hwange National Park.
The Rire 78 association, a charity which operates in hospitals in the Paris region, joined the project to find the best artists with a wide range of talents. In November 2016, 4 artists accompanied by 10 other travelers visited the communities of Zimbabwe.

“When artists meet Zimbabwe” was a real success!

On the programme was shows, workshops juggling, drawings, dances, and songs. The schoolchildren had never seen such tricks, dancing, storytelling and acts.

Together, artists and students used their creativity to choreograph energetic and uplifting shows, mixing the different cultures and abilities. Each time, there was a beautiful unity of artistic sharing and strong emotions.

For children, teachers, artists and accompanying travelers, these unique encounters will remain unforgettable!

On the strength of this success, we are working to ensure that this project makes magic happen again in 2017.

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