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When Artists Meet Zimbabwe

We are very pleased to share with you the first event of a major project which saSafari are proudly and passionately associated with!

saSafari is involved committed to ecotourism.
For over two years, we have offered our clients the opportunity to see how our lodges work within the local communities to make tourism sustainable, responsible and beneficial for all.

In this context, we have partnered with ’78 Laughing’ – an organization that is active in hospitals in Paris.
The project allows French artists to meet with African villagers and schoolchildren in their own environment and share each other’s cultures of music, dance and theatre.
For this project’s first launch, Zimbabwe was chosen as the destination. In November 2016, three French artists will go to meet schoolchildren and villagers living near the Hwange National Park.
Please click on the YouTube link below to see more about our vision for this project, and who the artists are:

In order to raise the funds needed to fun this project, we are launching a crowdfunding effort.
The more people contribute to the project, the more likely we are to reach the amount needed for its implementation.
We would be most grateful for your support with funding project which is close to our heart.
Here is the link that will take you to the fundraising platform:

Thanks to you, this will allow this project to grow and spearhead the continuation a major project: “When artists meet …”

Thank you for your support!

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